Body Care

Treatments for the care and beauty of the whole body

Water and salt €45,00

Body scrub with salt, olive oil and lemon

Pensiero stupendo €75,00

Moisturizing treatment 

Cannabispa treatment €90,00

restructuring, soothing and anti-ageing treatments that use properties of the seed and oil of hemp

Spa hands treatment €30,00

Eliminate impurities with a salty hand soak. Gently remove the dry skin and dead cells by applying the scrub for a softer feel. Regenerate your hands a hydrating mask fora radiant skin. Massage the lotion to give softness and elasticity.

Spa foot treatment €40,00

Sea salt footbath and scrub to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. Hydrating mask for a smooth skin and relaxing massage with a lotion to give wellbeing and new vitality to your feet

Osmotic treatment €110,00

Detox treatment €80,00

A body pack of natural algae, seaweed and green clay for purification and supports the microcirculation

Biokalco Treatment €70,00

Draining, harden and liporeducing shock treatment